St. Stephens College - Delhi University
St. Stephens College – Delhi University

Wrapped in the seals of the Delhi University branding, your degree sure shot looks a hell lot better than quite some other institutes. Many students dream of getting admission into Delhi University and why wouldn’t they! It looks like this hundred-year-old university has a lot to offer. But, looks are very often deceptive! With the onset of the admission process, everyone is eyeing DU, and thus aspirants are doing full-fledged research on why and how of getting in DU. Now that you landed here, we sincerely hope as you finish this article, you would have a fair idea of whether Delhi University is for you or not.

They have good Infrastructure, ah, all 77 of them?

Well, we nowhere disagree with someone who says Delhi University has excellent infrastructure. But, do you seriously think all seventy-seven colleges of DU have adequate infrastructure? Certainly, SGGSCC, SRCC, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and many others have state-of-the-art campuses. However, we discovered every other person from Satyawati, Aryabhatta, Swami Shraddhanand cribbing about inadequate infrastructure.

Delhi University has existed for a century now! Most of the colleges were established around the mid 20th Century, and it is but inevitable for the structure to weaken and breath its last anytime soon! However, that’s where the authorities should come into the picture and get things right, but what’s the point in bothering until something so serious happens that it hits all media rooms and questions the office-bearers.
Back in 2016, this happened!

Daulat Ram College Ceiling Collapse – 2016

The headline of a ceiling collapsing in Daulat Ram College over three students, foregathered all limelight because studying under falling ceilings in a university with flabbergasting legacies is not a good thing. It might sound adventurous, but, that’s not how things are meant to be.

With college campuses being in such a state, it makes physically disabled students reject some otherwise great colleges, straightaway without any second thoughts.

Private colleges are undoubtedly a step ahead when it comes to infrastructure, but roofs that don’t fall, ample and clean washrooms are a bare minimum requirement.

Not all Delhi University colleges have hostels and those that have might have their limitations. They have a curfew! However, one can opt for PGs, flats as well.

DU curriculum: Is it up to date?

We reached out to students from various streams and found out that it depends on the stream and the course you choose. We discovered that science and commerce students might give you different reviews. Commerce students say that their curriculum is apt according to the current demands of the industry.

“The curriculum happens to be old structured. It’s been more than a decade that curriculum has been revised. There are no regular pre-semester exams which reduce confidence in students.
~ Sanket Jha, Chemistry Graduate, from Shyam Lal College – Quora

“The curriculum is more inclined towards theory, but the syllabus is up to date with the changing dynamics of the concerned environment. Most of the teaching is classroom-books oriented.”
~ Anonymous, B.Com(Hons), Sri Venkateswara College

Apart from your coursebooks, there are other opportunities to get hands-on, interestingly around ten colleges offer certificate courses in foreign languages like German, French, Spanish and Italian. So, just in case you missed out on French after class 8 in school and now want to polish your skills, this university will get you going!

Here’s the link to the list of courses offered by various courses.

Many times, aspirants prioritize their dream college over dream course, we somewhere feel it is should be vice-versa, think about it!

Delhi University politics: A gateway to mainstream politics

Be it, students or teachers, both have their associations and unions.

The Delhi University Students’ Union popularly known as DUSU, is an active university body. Each college also has its independent students’ union which conducts elections every year.

Several of the office bearers of DUSU have gone on to be dignitaries in State and Central Governments. DUSU is the cradle of Arun Jaitley too, who is the present finance minister of India (Jaitley became the President of the Students Union of Delhi University in 1974).  Now, let’s talk about the most exciting part which happens to be this nine letter word- Elections!

Keep reading to know, why?

EVMs, yes Electronic Voting Machines are used for the college level elections at DU. Ever heard that happen at any other university? But, there’s this thing we thought you should know- the candidates might leave you hanging once they get the position they contested for.

“The seniors are helpful and friendly. However, somewhere I don’t find this happening after the elections.” ~ (Anonymous, B.Com (prog), Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College)

Also, the DUTA that is the Teachers’ Association is actively running since 1948. “DUTA strikes”, you will get to hear this term very often once you get into DU! This might be synonymous to no studies and a full day of sleep for the students. However, if this happens frequently, the students and their studies suffer.

Delhi University faculty: Amazing, but where are they?

As one scrolls down the faculty section on SRCC’s website, it’s jaw-dropping how every second person is an IITian and they have P.hDs from renowned universities. Moreover, the fact that some have degrees from Harvard is the icing on the cake. That’s the beauty of being in DU, and that’s what makes the hustle worth it! Interestingly, the website of the Hindu College mentions details as intricate as the topics taught by a particular professor in inorganic chemistry. Sure, all colleges of DU employ highly qualified professionals, but are the students satisfied?

We firmly believe some opinions can’t be ignored and here is one of them.

“ There is an insurmountable gap between the reputation of ‘campus’ and ‘off-campus’ colleges. Many off-campus colleges have excellent faculty. And not all campus colleges have the best of the teachers.”

 (anonymously written on Quora)

Now, let us talk about the crevice from where the problem creeps in. Not all of the Delhi University faculty is permanent: some of them are on a contract basis, they tend to leave all of a sudden, and meanwhile, the students are the ultimate sufferers.Again, the DUTA strikes have a role to play here as well.

Delhi University placements: Great but have all the colleges got them?

You open LSR’s website and sadly, what the website offers is an ages old placement report from 2012-13. So obviously your search doesn’t end there but fortunately, their placement community is active on Facebook.

Talking about placements, they largely depend on the placement cells. This further depends on who is heading it and how active the cell is.

Thirty-one lakhs at SRCC, 17 lakhs at the Hindu, 19.5 at Kirorimal*, some numbers from the top-notch colleges are certainly going to blow your mind but, do you really think thousands of students from all seventy-seven colleges will have such jumbo packages at the end of their degree?

However, the gateway to a decent salary doesn’t close right after bachelors. For the students unsatisfied with their placement results, higher studies always remain a good option. Also, one can apply for off-campus placements as well.

* These figures are indicative of the highest packages in the respective colleges in 2017-18.

College societies: You can call them career launchers!

DU has a hell lot of college societies, and it won’t be wrong to call them “career launchers”! To tell you, Kabir Khan, Ali Abbas Zafar, Habib Faisal, Vijay Raaz have all trained from the Dramatics Society of Kirori Mal College, and where they have risen today is just indicative of the amazement on your face as you read this!

Imtiaz Ali founded Ibtida, the Dramatics society of Hindu and it continues to run successfully till this day. Enactus is synonymous to entrepreneurship in Delhi University, and this international organization has been in DU since 2007. The sad part is that Enactus currently has chapters only in around twenty colleges.

ibtida hindu college
Image source : Ibtida Facebook page

Also, these societies give a push to junior-senior interactions. It’s time to flip the coin- someone who came to DU solely for academic learning may not like the co-curriculars happening so frequently. Thus, one might end up avoiding them.

“College societies are active than the classes; DU administration provides extra funds for the societies. Being a physics honors student, for me DU is overrated. I won’t recommend my college for studies, because I find distractions overpowering studies.”

~Anonymous, B.Sc(Physics honors), Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College

DU fests: They drive you crazy!

The entire country goes gaga over the kind of fests DU has, and that’s why the even semester remains the most awaited time of the year. Full of competitions, star-studded celebrity nights, fests at DU have flabbergasting budgets. Also, isn’t it bewildering that some of these fests have proposed budgets shooting to crores? With footfall in many thousands, these fests have witnessed crowds going crazy to the beats of the likes of Sunidhi Chauhan, Armaan Malik, and Shankar Mahadevan.

Many might picture these fests as a stampede and yes, we aren’t disappointing you if you thought the same, too! The crowd might get rowdy as has happened on various occasions in the past. Also, don’t end up wearing brand new shoes, it’s highly likely that you might end up ruining them on the very first day!

What if with all these facts we add a set of verbatim reviews on your platter, we believe that will be cherry to the cake. So, here are a set of reviews, which mention the conversation we had with present-day students.

“I will not strongly recommend my college because north campus colleges are better. If you are looking for an off-campus college, then you can choose this. There’s nothing like ragging, rather a healthy interaction among seniors and juniors prevails.”
~ Anonymous, B.A., Satyawati evening college

“Interactions amongst seniors and juniors are very healthy; there’s nothing like ragging.”
~ Anonymous, B.Sc(Physics honors), Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College

“Every DU student knows this well that most questions repeat and they are to study “10years solved papers” to pass, hampering their growth.
College societies somewhere lack the support of faculty at various stages. Somewhere, you’ll lack the studious atmosphere, and the students are just over for fun.”
~ Anonymous, Ist year, B.Com (prog), Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College

“I would highly recommend my college as it provides comparatively good infrastructure, opportunities for both placements and internships and the focus remains on both academic and co-curricular activities.”~ Anonymous, B.Com(Hons), Sri Venkateswara College

No matter what your college, you pass out and your degree proudly bears in bold, three magical words, University of Delhi! It’s just that everyone will have a different skillset, tales of lost and taken opportunities, and some might have a campus placement, too. It all comes down to YOU!

We end with these words by Edison, “Tomorrow is my exam, but I don’t care because a sheet of paper can’t decide my life.”

Given all these facts, we leave the endmost decision to the students and parents. With this, we hope to have helped you in the process of figuring out if Delhi University is for you!

A Note to the Reader:- This piece is a compilation of facts and is not written to offend anyone; we very well understand the fact that other people tend to have different perspectives.

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