Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT)
Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) – Prabha Bhawan

In India, every engineering aspirant dreams of getting into IITs and NITs, and they surely are worth dreaming! Well, when you happen to possess a degree from an institute of national importance which is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of your country, it surely is a big deal!
Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur was ranked a double-digit: 53 in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2019 in the engineering category. Just to let you know, there are approximately 10396 engineering colleges in India according to the AICTE.

Established in 1963, MNIT offers courses in science, engineering, management, and architecture. It also provides some short term courses but I think that’s not what you’re looking for today.

Well, if you too went on to check MNIT’s website to find out about its overall performance then your eyes might have been hunting for the report. But, let us tell you the annual report of the Institute on their website dates back to the session 2016-17. Ah, sadly, someone never bothered updating it! What we have here is a compilation of the things where MNIT lags.

MNIT location: Is it even in Jaipur?

Well, if you’re planning to take admission in this NIT, you’re fortunate enough because unlike most NITs, which are in the outskirts of their cities, this NIT is located in the heart of Jaipur city. MNIT is well-connected with almost everything you need. Hospitals, malls, departmental stores, airport, railway station, bus terminals, all of them can be easily accessed from this college.

State-of-the-art facilities: But is the curriculum up to date?

According to Wikipedia, “Many public sector companies prefer to recruit graduates from IITs and NITs as they are very technically skilled and curriculum in those institutes is extremely competitive.”

However, what the students of MNIT told us is just dissimilar to the italicized words you read above! A fourth-year Electrical Engineering student says that the Institute has adequate research infrastructure but, unfortunately, research isn’t active with students. Their theoretical knowledge overpowers practical. The professors happen to be busy with their projects. When they are unavailable, technical assistants or students pursuing P.hD serve as the substitute. We suppose this isn’t a great thing and you ought to consider this before stepping into this Institute!

Architecture students at MNIT crib that they have to study engineering mathematics and C language as a part of their course which isn’t so in other architecture colleges. They too complain about the need for an instant update of the curriculum.

Shreya, a second-year civil engineering student, says that the faculty is knowledgeable but, the curriculum isn’t up-to-date. When compared with any college established in recent times such as IIITs, they have a different and updated syllabus for the very same Computer Science Engineering degree.

Academics: Is it all that MNIT offers?

MNIT might be a technical institute but, since it has a Department dedicated to Humanities & Social Science, it offers language courses in German and French in the evenings. A nominal fee is charged for these courses.

Also, there are a hell lot of societies, be it Photography, Fine Arts, Literature, Music or Dance. It’s your choice, but the twist is you can pick only one as per the Institute norms. One has to necessarily opt for these societies or Sports or NSS for the beginning two academic years of Bachelors degree. What is impressive is that the curriculum has got a weightage for this, too. Your passion isn’t screwing your academics.

MNIT fests: Are they any ‘grand’?

MNIT has as many as four or five significant, lively events throughout the year. Additionally, many small scale events surface year-round.

Blitzschlag, the annual cultural fest of MNIT happens to be a mega event, it is one of the largest in Rajasthan. It garners an audience of thousands. In collaboration with numerous mega brands and NGO’s it had sponsors like Sizzlin Scissors and Allen. App development, gaming competitions, coding wars and what not- the tech fest, Sphinx is a paradise for techies. However, when questioned students seemed sad that they participated and bagged positions in so many competitions in the fest, but they haven’t got any prizes till date whereas until the previous year winners were awarded cash prizes of as much as 2k.

It’s not just MNIT, two other institutes operate here, too!

Not just MNIT, but two other government institutions also use the infrastructure of MNIT. We know you never saw this coming! Students from NIT Uttarakhand, and IIIT Kota currently stay in the hostel complex. Their classes are conducted here, but, separately in separate buildings. Amazed, eh? However, since they use the same Computer Centre some problem might have happened. When we talked to second-year B.Arch students we discovered it was so! They claimed that their classes were shifted to 8 in the morning and on a weekday only for 1 hour because of NIT Uttrakhand students having to occupy the same room.  

NIT Uttarakhand students shift to MNIT
NIT Uttarakhand students shift to MNIT

IIIT Kota running in MNIT
IIIT Kota in MNIT campus

Hostels: What kind of a life can you expect?

There are three girls hostels and nine boys hostels. They have a mess service which provides four meals a day. Additionally, they have canteens and laundry service. Stone masonry walls, ah yes, some hostels have been standing for a few decades now and thus, they got old infrastructure.

The in-timings for girls hostel are 10 p.m. and coming late after that may result in a phone call to your guardian or parents sometimes. Else you just need to sign in a late entry attendance register. You cannot even roam in the MNIT campus after 10, you cannot sit in the Computer Centre and work. Girls very often crib about this since they need to work in the Computer Centre and study there, too. However, boys don’t have any such restrictions at all.

MNIT campus life: What to expect?

The Institute has an SC/ST/PWD/OBC Cell which addresses academic as well as non-academic issues and complaints of students. Set up to ensure that no caste-based discrimination takes place, a Liaison Officer is appointed. Ah, yes we have Googled this French term for you and here’s what it means, ‘someone who helps groups to work effectively with each other’.

Interestingly, the student’s bodies work to bring people from various parts of the country together. There are cultural groups for the same, and then there are celebrations of all festivals with all the fun and frolic, be it Ganesh Chaturthi, or Holi, or Diwali. Just in case you can’t go home frequently, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on any fun.

A women’s cell which constitutes five senior faculty members successfully runs on campus since 2011.  

Ragging is strictly prohibited as per norms, and the students have to sign an anti-ragging undertaking when they get admitted in this Institute. There is an anti-ragging cell, too. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no ragging at all. Does it? Well, formal and informal interaction between seniors and juniors takes place actively especially in the odd semester to tell juniors about numerous things.

Fee structure: Is it suitable for everyone?

67k is the expenditure for a doctorate from MNIT (general category). A Bachelors degree here would cost a maximum of 1.14 lakh excluding hostel whereas NIT Jalandhar charges 72k inclusive of the hostel. For an M.Tech here, the fees will hit 1.2 lakh. Relative to other government colleges, MNIT happens to be costlier.

These figures are indicative of the maximum fees in any named category.

Infrastructure: Standing as it is since 1963?

MNIT - Boys hostel
MNIT – Boys hostel

Equipped with projectors, ACs, classrooms are smart rooms. However, in a class of 90 students in B.Tech, you can’t hear the professor on the last bench, because they don’t have microphones set up. So to bag the front seats and listen to the professor, you gotta close the Netflix tab and go to bed early when you have a class at 8, the next morning. The Institute is home to Asia’s largest lecture theatre complex known as VLTC-Vivekananda Lecture Theatre Complex. Buildings of all departments and nine hostels are old. The Institute has a central library, post office, banks, 3 ATMs, canteens, a dispensary with an allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic ward and an ambulance service, too. Not to forget they have a gymnasium and massive sports complex. It’s just the swimming pool that is missing. No water sports, though.

MNIT Placements: Ah, you thought all branches got excellent placements?

As many as 200 companies visit the campus every year. The best placements as expected are in the Computer Science stream where the highest package hit 40 lakh in 2017, and the average remained a whopping 14 lakh, too. MBA is a very recent phenomenon in MNIT. It doesn’t offer excellent placements, and the maximum package reaches somewhere around 8 lakh p.a.

The library isn’t 24*7 for girls, only the Computer Centre is 24*7 but, the girls aren’t allowed to avail the benefits of the same, too. If on one side it is good that they are concerned about the security of girls, on the other hand, it ought to be accessible every time because such facilities are for the students, only!

Majority of the students in this Institute appear for Indian Engineering Services-IES, every year. Not everyone can apply for IES, and this is possible only for four core branches-Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Civil engineering. We’d advise you to prioritize your branch over college if you too wish to write the IES exam one day, for you require to say no to this Institute if you don’t get admission into a core branch.

At the end of the day, an NIT is a big deal. We know how hard you have worked for this. And, Jaipur is a good city to live in. Well, college life is sure to give you memories to last for a lifetime- proxies, bunks, pulling all-nighters with the utmost ease and what not!  We wish you all the very best for your college life; the golden years of your life are yet to begin.

With all these facts, we leave the decision in your hands. We hope to have helped in your research. With this, we take our leave.

A Note to the Reader:- This piece is just a compilation of facts and is not written to offend anyone in any way.


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